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Dr. Julian Brown
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Master Mariner, Maritime Surveyor
Jurist/Lawyer Kaufmann/Businessman Sachverständiger/Expert
Julian Brown Limited
28 Maxwell Road
069120 Singapore
+65 6225 7767
Fax : -
+65 9819 1114
Professional Memberships Fellow of the CIArb, SIArb and MIArb; Supporting Member of the LMAA; Member of The Academy of Experts (Council Member 2009 – 2012), BIICL and MLAS. Liveryman of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners; Fellow of the Nautical Institute and Society of Consulting Marine Engineers & Ship Surveyors; Member of The Baltic Exchange, Royal Institute of Navigation, FOSFA and GAFTA. ADR Panels Aspiring Full Member of the LMAA. Panel arbitrator with AIAC, BAIAC, EMAC, FOSFA, GMAA, HKIAC, MIArb., SCMA, SIAC and SIArb. Listed as mediator with the Baltic Exchange, LMAA, AIAC and the SMC; as expert witness with The Baltic Exchange & The Academy of Experts.
Technical & Marine Cadet to Master on crude, product/chemical tankers, bulk carriers, general cargo ships, container carriers and offshore drilling/survey vessels. Served apprenticeship with Sir William Reardon Smith & Sons Ltd. Subsequently sailed with Coe Metcalf’s, Hudson Steamship, Uiterwyck Corp, Canadian Pacific, Mobil, Denholm’s, Furness Withy and BP. Extensive STS and SBM experience. Cargo expediter on crude, product and chemical ships since 1987. Vetting inspector since 1989. P&I and H&M surveyor from 1990. TMSA and management auditor. Founder and Principal Surveyor at JCP Marine. Auditing OCIMF and Senior CDI inspector. P&I Group Panel Surveyor. Appearing as an expert witness in arbitration and court proceedings in England, Malaysia and Singapore since 1992. Cases include The Shravan; The Cherry; The Epic; The Addax; The Bergamo; The Khalijia III; The Builder Success, Lewek Victory and The Enrica Lexie. Expert areas include the carriage of grain, coal, steel, timber; tanker and terminal operations; off-spec veg oils, oil products, chemicals and bunkers; bunker/fuel oil blending; oil major vetting; TMSA; P&I and H&M insurance and survey practice; navigation; piracy and casualty investigation.
Arbitration Practice 90 arbitral appointments as of 1st March 2021; 70 under LMAA Terms the balance being ad hoc under English law or under SCMA, SIAC, HKIAC or FOSFA Rules. Dispute subject matters include laytime & demurrage; c/p disputes; ship building and repair; yachts; oil/chemical cargo off-specification; cargo conversion & shortage; liquefaction of solid bulk cargoes; casualty; salvage and ship management. Publications Author of various Appendices in Marsden and Gault on Collisions at Sea (14th Edition, 2016), the 15th Edition (scheduled for publication 2021) and Chapter 10 of the Nautical Institute’s Guidelines for Collecting Maritime Evidence (2017). Principle Editor and contributor of Fairways, publication of the Singapore Nautical institute 1990-1992. Ph.D thesis entitled The Protection of Confidentiality in Arbitration: Balancing the Tensions Between Commerce and Public Policy (2021).